Our Directors

Dean Kidd

We take great privilege in welcoming you and your family into our supportive, vibrant culture through our Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Participate Community programmes. We are delighted to be part of your support in achieving your goals and strive to make your journey with us a wonderful experience. Your choice of being supported by us at My Goal Australia presents us with an opportunity to showcase our best practice support and the unique skills and experience of our talented staff. We know that the strongest teams foster diverse personalities, talents and skills and we believe in using our experience to help others achieve their best. We consider this a great privilege and thank you for choosing us!

We have set ourselves to be an outstanding employer of choice and demonstrate excellence in business making My Goal Australia a top choice for an ongoing quality support experience to you and your family. My Goal Australia has perhaps the best local staff. Our desire to specialise in providing high quality Supported Independent Living (SIL) for participants in our beautiful city of Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas is driven by a passion for the city and its people.

The “wrap around collaborative support” concept at My Goal Australia guarantees supreme service delivery which is provided to high standards cementing our specialised service to be considered industry leading. Our model as a concept involves high levels of management and strong relationships. It requires input and buy-in from families, friends and a range of service providers. This means a higher level of facilitation and oversight to the support and service you receive. But it’s the best way to ensure your outcomes/ goals are supported.

There’s an ongoing need to provide a quality SIL program. It’s vital for you and other people with a disability to have choice. There are many local community-based organisations providing similar services, but each offers a different approach and unique culture, providing choice and control to the participants.

Thank you for choosing My Goal Australia and allowing us to support you. We wish you a pleasant support experience with our service and we hope that our support will provide you with lasting memories of fun, happiness, goal achievement and more!

Belinda Kidd

Your support needs to be more than support and this is why we are so focussed on delivering you and your family ongoing customer service excellence to make for memorable experiences. Our investment for you is multi-dimensional ensuring quality in communication, planning, checking and monitoring and delivering all that can be delivered to you assisting in your goal achievement. This is why we have strong leadership and governance over the services you receive. Leading this is the role of Executive Manager – Participant and Stakeholder Engagement enriching our concept of “wrap around collaborative support” that we believe that all people with a disability and participants of the NDIS deserve to achieve their goals in life!

Promoting our company in the way of demonstrating excellence in business is our desire to make you feel value for the services you receive. My Goal Australia is fast becoming known for its strong customer service approach and forward thinking company and culture. We can achieve this by investing strongly in the coaching and development of our team increasing staff morale and motivation. Lake Macquarie is home to us and we want to offer you the best of the local community to support you. We can offer you skilled and qualified professionals who receive ongoing support, mentoring, training and a positive and collaborative work environment. My Goal strives to raise the organisation’s profile in the Lake Macquarie community and surrounding areas.

At My Goal Australia we are person centred in our practices. It is our desire to be renowned for excellence in person centred thinking and practice. We want this so that you have a better quality of life, increased levels of stakeholder satisfaction, positive company reputation with the industry and reduction in complaints.

We look forward to connecting with you in a personable way so you feel part of the bigger My Goal Australia family. Our team will do their upmost to meet your every need so you can focus on your goals and what you want out of life!