NDIS Updates

My Goal NDIS Updates

At My Goal Australia, our vision is to create a world where people feel safe, valued, and belong. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and that this should be reflected in the services that we provide.

To achieve this vision, we are committed to embracing the six principles of safeguarding for people with disability in all of our NDIS services.

Our commitment to safety culture means that we will embed a culture of safety and wellbeing in our organisation and promote responsibility and accountability within our partner organisations to ensure that the safety of our clients is never compromised.

Through our commitment to empowerment, we will support our clients to gain or enhance their knowledge and skills about personal safety to identify, assess, and manage risk of harm.

Taking a person-centred and strengths-based approach, we will recognise and respect our clients’ individual circumstances and experiences when working with them. We will develop appropriate safeguarding strategies that respect their unique circumstances.

We will be proactive in supporting our clients to establish or improve preventative safeguards to reduce the likelihood and consequence of harm occurring. This includes identifying and addressing risks and implementing preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of harm occurring.

Respecting the dignity of risk and informed decision-making means that we will support our clients to have a central role in making informed decisions about safeguards in their lives. We recognise that our clients have the right to take risks and make choices about their lives, and we will support them to do so in a safe and informed way.

Finally, we recognise the importance of informal support networks and community connections in creating strong safeguards. We will support our clients to develop and strengthen their network of informal supports and community connections to help create a safe and supportive environment.

By embracing these six principles of safeguarding in all of our NDIS services, we are committed to creating a world where people with disability feel safe, valued, and belong. We believe that everyone deserves to live their best life, and we are committed to supporting our clients to achieve this.