What We Do

My Goal Australia is an industry leader in providing high-quality Supported Independent Living (SIL) for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, and Maitland areas. Our mission is to provide personalized programs through SIL Homes & Community Access to adults with Neuro Diverse Conditions, supporting them in living happily, connected to and integrated with their communities and those most important to them.

At My Goal Australia, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to live their life with independence, dignity, and respect. Our vision is to create a world where people feel safe, valued, and belong. We are committed to providing person-centered care that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals.

We have a set of core values that guide our work every day. These values include:

People Matter: We prioritize the needs and wellbeing of the people we support and their families.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Respect: We treat everyone with dignity, respect, and kindness.

Trust: We build trusting relationships with participants, families, and stakeholders based on mutual respect and open communication.

We specialize in delivering SIL to people with complex behavioral needs with support arrangements at care ratios of 1:1 and 1:2. Our primary goal, other than to provide the highest quality of support, is to support the individual to reduce their level of support requirements from 1:1 through to 1:2 in a well-supported and planned approach. We see this reduction in support level as imperative for the sustainability of the scheme and to allow for other participants to access the reasonable and necessary support they need.

There’s an ongoing need to provide SIL programs. It’s vital for people with a disability to have choice. There are many local community-based organizations providing similar services, but each offers a different approach and unique culture, providing choice and control to the participants. At My Goal Australia, we are committed to providing high-quality SIL services that align with our values and support our mission of helping adults with Neuro Diverse Conditions live happily, connected to and integrated with their communities and those most important to them.

Realistically neither disability service providers or family and friends alone are able to meet all the needs of a person with disability

Service Delivery

Supported Independent Living is our core business focus. To deliver this service to a high standard and be an industry leader we place a strong focus on collaborative approaches [our model] and person-centred approaches which involve high levels of management and strong relationships.

It requires input and buy-in from families, friends and a range of service providers. This means a higher level of facilitation and oversight. But it’s the best way to ensure our participants’ outcomes/ goals are supported.

Our participants live in 24-hour care, provided onsite by our dedicated, qualified and caring staff. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering participants to live in a home-like environment which is personalised and meets their needs and desires.