about-mygoal.pngMaking Lives Better, One Goal at a Time

Since we started in 2016, myGoal Australia has always been focused on one important thing: making life better for people with disabilities in our community. We're all about helping our neurodiverse community for the better, every day. 


Our Services: Helping Everyone in Their Own Way

At myGoal Australia, we have many ways to assist you on your journey, including places to live with support (SIL) and meaningful activities in the community. We enrich everyone, whether they need a little support or a lot. Our job is to give each person the right kind of encouragement they need. As part of our offerings; we give people the tools and advice to do well within their communities. 


Come Along with Us

At myGoal Australia, we're not just here to support; we're here to be your partner on the path to a happy and independent life. Let's see how we can work together to make your goals come true.

Welcome to myGoal Australia – where your goals, big and small, become our mission.