Welcome to myGoal, where we're dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams of independent living with personalised support tailored to their needs. Here's how our intake process works:

Get Started

Begin by reaching out to us via phone, email, or in-person visit to express your interest in our services.

Provide Information

We'll gather essential details about you, including your background, medical history, and specific support requirements.


Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation to understand your abilities, support needs, and aspirations.

Set Goals

Together, we'll establish clear objectives for your journey toward independence.

Plan Services

Based on your goals, we'll create a personalised service plan outlining the support and assistance you'll receive.

Transition Planning

Before finalising agreements, we'll collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive Transition Plan, ensuring a smooth transition by covering all facets and communicating effectively with relevant stakeholders.


Once the Transition Plan is established, we'll formalise our partnership with a clear agreement. This includes a Service Agreement and an Occupancy Agreement tailored for our Supported Independent Living service, outlining terms, expectations, and the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Start Support

With everything in place, you'll begin receiving the tailored support you need to thrive.

Review Progress and Stakeholder Collaboration

We'll regularly assess your progress and collaborate with your stakeholders through regular stakeholder meetings every 1-2 months. This ensures inclusive decision-making, facilitates collaboration, conducts needs assessments, maintains a feedback loop, promotes transparency and accountability, and builds trust and relationships among stakeholders.

Continued Care

Our commitment to your well-being doesn't end. We'll provide ongoing support and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Join us at myGoal and take the first step toward a life of independence and fulfilment!