Working At My Goal Australia

My Goal Australia provide our employees automated solutions for employee management and engagement, payroll and employee benefits. Early on in our business journey we introduced paperless onboarding. We give new employees a great experience even before they’ve started. We quickly and easily send a letter of offer and e-Contract that can be signed from a computer or mobile device. New employees can use their account to enter all their personal details including super and tax information rather than filling out paperwork on their first day.

We hire staff easily. New hires need to read and sign a ton of paperwork. It’s a process that can take weeks and require a lot of data entry. We’ve turned onboarding into a digital process. With our platform it takes mere minutes to set onboarding in motion. It’s professional, it’s paperless and it means we can grow our team without worrying about the administrative burden.

Easier admin and a more rewarding work-life. Employee self-service makes work-life much easier and builds incredible trust. With the click of a button employees can access their contract and policies, request leave and update their personal details.

Discounts and benefits. We want employees to feel engaged in their work, better manage their money and embrace all aspects of life. That’s why we offer comprehensive employee benefits that boost physical, mental and financial well-being. From discounts on major living expenses to savings trackers and expert tips.

Self-serve HR. Our employees love our self-serve features. They can conduct admin in minutes and feel confident that important details regarding their employment are always at hand. Through our employee portal you can change their payment and super details, request leave, submit timesheets, view payslips and more.

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